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Full Review Mustafa Ghafoor November 15, 2017 Worst in customer service.The Ultimate Massage Guide Groupon Editors. spas, massages and hair salons near you, or plan a trip away from home.

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Discover nearby restaurants, spas, events and top products on LivingSocial.

Get Discounted Deals from Restaurants, Cafes, Bars, Spa, Salon, Gyms Near You.Have tried contacting customer service to no avail so just be careful what you order. you may or may not receive it and then you cannot get in contact with anyone to rectify the problem.

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Groupon Hotel Deals In Philadelphia - Hotels Near Raleigh With. a range of health spa cures such as restorative massage and plenty of.Another one-I actually caught before buying was a car detailer -charging substantially more for a van and if car has dog hair-I just get my detailing needs taken care of elsewhere.So the lesson learned: vendors grudgingly accept and try to schedule your required appointment for as far out as possible.I wrote to customer service immediately, but they responded 2 hours later and said it was already 2 hours past my purchase and there was nothing they could do.

Customer service hung up on me after sending me a disclaimer that they are responsible for nothing Full Review Carolyn Harker November 8, 2017 App itself is great.Only constructive feedback is that it is too easy to buy from the app.

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Groupon Hotel Deals In Lake. you could find dozens of sorts of vacation homes near.So far I have not experienced problems with using the voucher.

So I was going to go with it until it said the same thing but no card info was asked.Full Review Clifford Rotz November 15, 2017 So I enjoyed this program to begin with but recently I ordered a birthday present and as yet habe not received it nor the notification that it shipped.Customer care is actually difficult to contact and those products will not let you leave feedback to warn others.Full Review dan cartwright November 9, 2017 I was looking at something, entered a code, hit apply code, then it says thank you for your purchase.User reviews Jennifer Maloney November 14, 2017 I love groupon.

I thought why, I already bought the tickets I went back to the tickets on groupon and read more.I got on then to check it out and low and behold it said my package had been delivered.Claims they are not responsible for products they promote Full Review Pat Winter November 15, 2017 Repeatedly asks if address ok therefore unable to complete purchase.I asked for my refund and groupon just robbed me of my kids money.Why, when you ripped me off the first time when I could have taken my kids to the theater on the day I purchased them for only 19 dollars.

And why can you not create lists to share with friends e.g. for birthday and Christmas gift lists.I never used groupon and was weary about using it but after weeks thinking and reviewing ratings it sounded good.

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Clifford Rotz So I enjoyed this program to begin with but recently I ordered a birthday present and as yet habe not received it nor the notification that it shipped.Here at Groupon, we strive to deliver the best deals to you by improving your experience every time we release a new version of our app.Full Review Sam Casselbury November 11, 2017 This is only a selling site.

Many deals state that you can not return the product and you will be stuck with it.

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Full Review Kimberly Herbert November 10, 2017 Love the upgrade when searching it gives me all the choices and prices for places.

Full Review Lindsay Webster November 9, 2017 Brilliant app.anything you can possibly think of here.Full Review Laura Smith November 11, 2017 New city or completely different country, Groupon helps me get to know the places to go for the best deals.

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Full Review Sherry Putman November 10, 2017 I love the variety of items you carry.Full Review Gary Newton November 8, 2017 Great Site, have to say especially pleased with how quick eveything is delivered.

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Well it was not delivered to me, but to some random address states away from me.I replied that my request for help was sent 2 minutes after the purchase not two hours.

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